June 20, 2019

Breed Profile: German Shorthaired Pointer


While the exact origin of the German Shorthaired Pointer is unknown, what is known is that they were bred to create an enthusiastic weekend hunting dog that also made a great family companion and watchdog. What resulted was a dog with the clean lines, keen nose, and good looks of a Pointer, as well as [...]


Breed Profile: Boxer


by Lauren R. Tharp Originally used for dog fighting, the Boxer would stand on its hind legs, striking out at its opponent with its front paws like, well, a boxer!  Officially recognized as a breed in 1904, the Boxer is currently the 7th most popular breed in the United States.  Many celebrities have taken a [...]


Rottweiler Profile


by Lauren R. Tharp Opinions of Rottweilers vary wildly.  While many remember Alexandra Day’s Good Dog, Carl children’s book series, still more remember the breed as the “evil” dogs from The Omen. The one thing everyone seems to agree on?  Rottweilers make excellent guard dogs!  Most commonly used as guard dogs, this breed is also [...]


Breed Profile: German Shepherd


by Lauren R. Tharp The fourth most popular breed in the United States, the German Shepherd has long been known for its heroic exploits and loyalty as a family pet.  First recognized by the AKC in 1908, the German Shepherd is the leading police, military, and guard dog breed in the world…and is also known [...]


Meet Lily


The holiday season has officially begun, NYC! Looking for the best gift to give this year? How about adopting this precious little girl, Lilly? Lilly here is a sweet Rat Terrier mix that is approximately 3 years old. Coming in at just 27 pounds, this baby girl, we’re told, has a submissive temperament. She can be extremely timid with new [...]


Breed Profile: Saint Bernard

Stephen Huneck Gallery

by Lauren R. Tharp There have been plenty of famous Saint Bernards over the years!  Fortunately for dog lovers everywhere, these pooches are more like Beethoven than Cujo.  Part of the Working group, the St. Bernard was first recognized by the AKC in 1885 and currently reigns as the 37th most popular breed of dog [...]


Brandy and Patty – The Wiry-Haired Sisters


The weekend is fast approaching, New York City! We have a special adoptable duo to share with you this week. Meet ladies Brandy and Patty! These two lovelies here are amazing young Irish Wolfhound/Terrier mix pups. Brandy and Patty are looking for a forever home that would be willing to take in a little double lovin’. These wiry-haired girls are mostly full-grown [...]