February 21, 2020

My Dog Loves Central Park -October 2012


From 11 to 3 on Saturday there more tails wagging in Central Park than ever before.   Large breeds, mixed breeds and small dog breeds gathered harmoniously for the party of the season that was dedicated to dogs. An agility course offered first time performance dogs a chance to try out equipment like the tunnel and [...]


Extreme Dog Team Sport: FlyBall!


Flyball was invented in the early 70′s and was first showcased on The Johnny Carson show. Unlike agility or dock diving, where individual dogs compete (perhaps even on a team), flyball is completely a team sport. Dogs race over hurdles spaced 10 feet apart to capture a tennis ball which appears from a box. They [...]


Are dogs sports fans?


According to our not so scientific research, the answer is yes. Dogs do adopt the alliances of their owners. :-)