August 24, 2019

Dog Vision: Questions and Answers


Recently, our Rover Reporter spoke with  animal opthalmologist, Dr. Noelle McNabb about canine vision in our podcast.    A few questions came in after the broadcast and Dr. McNabb was kind enough to bring some answers. Teri asked:  Do dogs see in color? Dr. McNabb:  Yes, dogs do see in color. The visual spectrum in [...]


From the Dogtionary: Umwelt


Umwelt, pronounced as ooom-velt is a how a dog views the world.  Recoined by Alexandra Horowitz in her New York Times best selling book:  Inside of A Dog, umvelt summarizes how a dog perceives the world by synthesizing all of the information in his or her sensory intake.


Inside of A Dog – Sarasota Dog talks to Alexandra Horowitz


Sarasota Dog recommends Inside of A Dog by Alexandra Horowitz. This amazing book helps us to understand not what our dogs are thinking but perhaps how they are thinking. Listen to our conversation with Alexandra for a glimpse inside your dog’s world.