February 21, 2020

Finally getting the stain and the odor OUT!

When you have a dog or cat … accidents happen.  Maybe you were running late or maybe your dog nibbled on something  nasty outside before you had a chance to stop him or her.

If you have some problem spots in the house or apartment – stains that just won’t go away … or that lingering odor (yuck) of pets when you walk in the door – we can help.   There’s a tried and true solution (that’s all natural btw) to deal with pet stains and odors that is effective and safe around kids and pets.


We highly recommend this bio-based FloorWash Concentrate from Life’s Abundance.  Its’ super concentrated – this bottle will make up to 64 gallons of cleaning solution and is priced just under $14.00.

Let friendly bacteria do the cleaning for you! Our Microbial Grease Digestant (MGD) Viable Bacterial Cultures live to serve, and they’re hungry for odor-causing organic detritus. Don’t just wipe away muck and grime, eradicate it completely!

This amazing product contains microbial grease digesters that eliminate dirt, grime and odor-causing microscopic debris. Just one bottle contains enough concentrate to make 64 gallons of cleaning product!

Bio-Base FloorWash works extremely well on waxed and polished floors, hardwoods, glazed ceramic tile, concrete, quarry tile, even brick. And best of all, it’s non-toxic, fully biodegradable, has a neutral pH and contains no harmful phosphates. Unlike other serious cleansers, ours emits no noxious odors. Test it on carpet – it worked on our area rugs! Pleasantly scented, with a hint of almonds.

As an added bonus, when you pour the discarded mop water into a sink, the MGD component continues to work, clearing your drain lines from grease build-up and lingering odors.

Safe for use around kids and pets.

ALSO!  We’ve used this on laundry stains – it’s highly concentrated but can squeeze a tiny dot of the fluid on spots from blood or chocolate and it can work miracles.   Always, always test spot removers on a small section of your item first!

Buy it here and it will be delivered within just a few days.





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