July 21, 2019

Pet First Aid & CPR Class – July 19, 2014

Knowing how and what do in the case of an emergency could mean the difference in life or death for your dog.  Next Saturday  from 10:30am to 1:30 pm, Rock & Rawhide will offer this Red Cross certification at Animal Haven.

You’ll learn how to deal with emergencies like shock, frostbite, burns and fracture. In a moment of panic knowing how to deal with these emergencies can help protect you too. Even the sweetest dogs can bite when they are in pain. This is a hands-on training class with plush dogs to practice CPR and other life-saving techniques. What you will learn will help minimize those chances and help your dog until you cant to your Veterinarian.

The class is $80.00 and space is limited! Please do not bring your own pet.  Animal Haven is located at 251 Center Street, between Broome and Grand. Register for the class by emailing RockAndRawhide@gmail.com.   All proceeds benefit the pets in need that Rock and Rawhide supports.



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