November 18, 2019

Pet First Aid & CPR Class – July 19, 2014

Knowing how and what do in the case of an emergency could mean the difference in life or death for your dog.  Next Saturday  from 10:30am to 1:30 pm, Rock & Rawhide will offer this Red Cross certification at Animal Haven.

You’ll learn how to deal with emergencies like shock, frostbite, burns and fracture. In a moment of panic knowing how to deal with these emergencies can help protect you too. Even the sweetest dogs can bite when they are in pain. This is a hands-on training class with plush dogs to practice CPR and other life-saving techniques. What you will learn will help minimize those chances and help your dog until you cant to your Veterinarian.

The class is $80.00 and space is limited! Please do not bring your own pet.  Animal Haven is located at 251 Center Street, between Broome and Grand. Register for the class by emailing   All proceeds benefit the pets in need that Rock and Rawhide supports.



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