February 22, 2020

Second Chance Chauncey

Another wonderful year has gone by. Why not ring in 2013 with a new love in your life by adopting a homeless pet? Check out your adoptable dog of the week, NYC: Meet Chauncey.

Chauncey here is a two year old purebred Beagle.  Just like most of her breed, she is very vocal.  She is extremely enthusiastic about everything. Sadly, Chauncey was not in a good situation in her previous home and the fantastic crew at the Humane Society of New York rescued her. But despite the hardships for the first two years of her life, she is still extremely forgiving, trusting, loyal, loving and clearly adaptable to many situations.  She did not have any training previously so little by little she is working on her kennel manners and training. There are so many great qualities in her. Won’t you come check her out? Contact HSNY by calling their Manhattan facility at 212-752-4842 or stop by 306 East 59th Street.


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