November 18, 2019

Happy Hilda

Today is March 23rd which means it is National Puppy Day! Do you need another reason to consider pet adoption today? If adopting a new furry animal isn’t in your immediate plans, please visit one of the many local New York City animal shelters or rescues and give these homeless animals some desperately needed attention. One dog looking for a new family to dote on is Hilda, your adoptable dog of the week.

Hilda is an irresistible Chihuahua Terrier Mix. She has the cutest little under-bite that makes her even more adorable. Hilda is a two year old sweetie that weighs just 9 pounds. Bideawee tells us she can be quite timid and sometimes fearful with strangers. Her new owner would need to help socialize her and build her confidence. Once Hilda is familiar with you, she will open up to be a very affectionate girl. Your lap will never be empty with her in your home!

The ideal home for Hilda would be a calm household with an experienced family with children over the age of 12. She is not fully house broken yet so her new family will need to help continue her training. Hilda does get along with other small dogs that are gentle like her but she has been known to nip at some dogs. For more information or to schedule an appointment to meet her, contact Bideawee by calling 866-262-8133 or email them at



  1. Babette says:

    Just wanted to let you know that Happy Hilda is now even happier in her new Manhattan house with a loving couple..She is wonderful!

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