November 18, 2019

Art Exhibit To Benefit Rescue – May 6 2015


Kamp Studios is thrilled to announce an exhibition and silent auction of dog-inspired artwork benefitting Second Chance Rescue. For one night only, /’reskyoo/ will feature paintings, photographs, collages, and more by over 30 established and emerging artists from around the world. From a striking photograph of William Wegman’s famous Weimaraners to a dreamy portrait from [...]


Meet Blueberry


Meet your adoptable dog of the week: Blueberry. Blueberry here is a 3 year old female Pit Bull Terrier. As you can see from her photos, she is a beautiful blue and white pitt. This smart girl loves most people but does take her a little bit of time to get familiar with new faces [...]


Meet Cuddly Casey


Are you looking for a snuggle pup to join your household? Then look no further! Here’s Casey, your adoptable dog of the week, New York City. Casey is an 8 year old Maltese and Shih Tzu mix. He is a very playful, happy dog who loves having people around and taking rides in the car. [...]


Maltese Profile


by Lauren R. Tharp The Maltese has one of the most recognizable looks in Toy breeds.  So many people, from Halle Berry to Milhouse from The Simpsons, have recognized the “pet potential” in this gentle, playful, breed; is it any wonder that they’re the 19th most popular breed in America? Physical Traits Size & Weight:  [...]