May 25, 2019

Meet Watson


My, my…where did January go? Start off February, the month of love, with a new love in your life. Check out your adoptable dog of the week: Watson. He’s a handsome and loveable 3 year old chocolate Pittie mix. He was saved just in the nick of time from the euthanize list and is now [...]


Extreme Dog Team Sport: FlyBall!


Flyball was invented in the early 70′s and was first showcased on The Johnny Carson show. Unlike agility or dock diving, where individual dogs compete (perhaps even on a team), flyball is completely a team sport. Dogs race over hurdles spaced 10 feet apart to capture a tennis ball which appears from a box. They [...]


January is National Dog Training Month


National Dog Training Month is a reminder that training can go way beyond sit, stay, down.  There are lots of opportunities every day to make an exchange with your dog a “training moment”.  But if you’d like to go to the next level and enjoy a new experience with your dog, here are some options [...]