August 24, 2019

Feeding those little gray cells – keeping your dog mentally fit!


By:  Dr. Anne Chauvet Hand in hand with the amazing advancements available today in veterinary medicine are aging-related disorders that can affect our dogs’ brains.  Just like us, they can experience symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s disease. As a veterinary neurologist , I routinely see clinical signs that can include sleeping a lot more, not recognizing [...]


Dr. Anne Chauvet explains Pet Neurology

Dr. Anne Chauvet

Pet Neurology is the study of the nervous system and the brain in animals.  A relatively young field,  there are less than 300 veterinarians across the globe that are focused in this highly specialized area.  Pet Neurologist,  Dr. Anne Chauvet, Founder of Critical Care and Veterinary Specialists of Sarasota shares her insight to this intriguing [...]