December 16, 2019

Meet Olivier


Friday is here, NYC! Time to check out a deserving dog ready for adoption this week: Meet Olivier! This tuxedo gentleman is a Boston Terrier mix. Olivier takes his time to get to know you but once he accepts you, you’ll have a best friend for life!  He’s an extremely loyal guy and quite the [...]


Dancing with Elvis

Photo by Richard Phibbs

Check out your adoptable dog of the week, NYC. His name is Elvis and he is ready to do the Jailhouse Rock! Elvis is a six month old Boston Terrier.  He is full of exuberant puppy energy, always playing with company and/or his toys (he is tinkering on the hoarder line at this point). He [...]


Meet Goofy Gustavo – ADOPTED!


Update: As of 10/15/12, Gustavo has been adopted! It’s another beautiful summer Friday, NYC. Check out this handsome adoptable dog awaiting your love and attention: Gustavo. Gustavo here is a playful and spunky Boston Terrier. This goofy boy is around 8 years old. When he arrived at the Humane Society of New York he had [...]


Breed Profile: Boston Terrier

By Alisha Corsi With their refined personalities and dapper tuxedo markings, Boston Terriers are known as the “American Gentlemen” of dog breeds. Originating in the stables of Boston (where else would they?), Boston Terriers were the first US breed to be recognized by the American Kennel Club, making them the all-American dog! Physical Traits Size [...]


Bee Bee the Boston Terrier


A wise person once said: “One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you’re feeling blue is that he doesn’t try to find out why.” Do you need another reason to find a canine companion? Check out the New York City adoptable dog of the week, Bee Bee. Bee Bee is a fun [...]