February 21, 2020


Wouldn’t it be great if dogs could cook? Or, even just place a take out order?   Looks like food preparation is going to be all on us too.  Here are some recipe ideas to mix it up a little bit for you and your dog.

Here are a few of our favorite treats for pups that are healthy and taste good too.

Veggie Bones- This recipe for baked cookies comes together fast and gives your dog a corn free treat. (Lots of dogs are allergic to corn – this recipe skips and is mostly carrots.)

Ice Cream – Three ingredients whip up these great little frozen treats for your dog.  Quick, fun and cool for hot days.

Do you have a favorite recipe for a training treat or just all around cookie?  Share it with the New York City   Dog Community by emailing us at Info@NewYorkCityDog.org.  Enjoy!