February 21, 2020

Resources for Loss

If you’ve recently lost a pet, you are understandably in the deep stages of grief.  Dogs with whom we’ve spent countless days caring for leave a serious void in our lives when they are gone.   For each of us, the process is different.  Some feel that another pet would be out of the question.  Others feel that bringing a new pet into the home will help fill that void with that special, unconditional love and energy.

Sometimes writing about your dog can help.  Remembering the moments of true connection, funny anecdotes and your dog’s habits on (virtual) paper can help you frame your experience and share the joy of your pet’s personality with others in the community /   We’ve created a special place right here on NewYorkCityDog.org to host your written memorials.  You can write it online and include a picture too.  You do not need to use your name, unless you want to.   Tell us about your special pet, personality and things you did together, moments you shared.

Because our pet’s life spans are shorter than ours losing a pet is part of the ownership process.  It’s hard.  It hurts.  But, you are not alone and with this community you are not alone.

Oh, and while this is NewYorkCityDog.org we also appreciate that other furry and feathered friends can play a major role in our lives and should be honored as well, feel free to tell their stories here too.