August 24, 2019

Breed Profile: Labrador Retriever

by Lauren R. Tharp Labrador Retriever The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in the United States.  (According to AKC registration records).  Once the friend of the lonely fisherman in Newfoundland, the Labrador Retriever is now a friend to everyone, around the world! Physical Traits Size & Weight: A muscular, compact-bodied dog, the Labrador [...]


Stephen Huneck’s Dog Mountain


To most of us, art means expression. Communication of an idea, emotion, or  a story. Most accomplished artists excel in one modality. Stephen Huneck, writer, wood carver, builder and painter gifted the world with his ideas through a panoply of work. Centering on dogs, Stephen was able to embody his love for them through creation [...]


Resale shopping for doggie gear online


A new online resale shop for dogs offers not only discounted prices for clothes, beds and accessories, but also a way to recycle your those items that may no longer work for your pooch.  We talked with‘s founder, Carey Jackson about her new business and how consumers can benefit from shopping in their pajamas [...]


Stocking Stuffers for Dog Lovers


The American Pet Product Manufacturer’s Association forecasts that Americans will spend more than 3 billion dollars on Christmas gifts for their pets.  That’s a boatload of toys, leashes and doggie beds.   Our local shopping scout ventured out to find unique ideas and gifts that are available right here in Sarasota.   Some are from local [...]


Yorkshire Terriers


Yorkshire Terriers are a toy breed originally developed in England in the late 1800′s to help keep castles and mines safe and clean.  Now, an internationally popular breed, Yorkies are loyal and clever companion dogs. If you are looking for a Yorkie for your family, it’s critical to find a reputable breeder.  We asked Suzanne [...]


Check Please!

dog waiter

Vaccinations, heartworm meds, flea and tick control are just a part of what we do to ensure that our dogs are in good health.  But did you know that vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper and Parvo are no longer subject to just timing?  Now you can actually check to see if your dog really needs the [...]


This Little Puppy Stayed Home


Our neighbors Bill and Sal, recently brought home a new puppy. Retired, with lots of time on their hands for a puppy – Dolly the Yorkie puppy is swaddled with love and adoration. Sal’s sister is a frequent visitor, and spends lots of time walking and playing with the puppy, and even brings the pup home with her from time to time.