May 25, 2019

Dog Park Rules – 6 Tips for a Waggy Experience


For a newbie, getting the lay of the land at the local dog run can be an intimidating experience. Though most public dog runs have signs explaining the park’s hard-and-fast deal breakers (Do Not Leave Your Pet Unattended; No Toys, Bones or Treats Allowed), there are unwritten rules about how you and your dog should [...]


Yoga for Dogs: Doga


New Yoga Book Brings New Meaning to Downward Facing DOG- BARKING BUDDHA
Bring Your Dog to Yoga…or Bring Yoga to Your Dog
Massage therapist, yoga and doga instructor, Brenda Bryan has a mission– to “relax the world, one dog at a time.” With her new book, Barking Buddha: Simple Soul Stretches for Yogi and Dogi, Bryan is taking her Seattle-based “doga” classroom on the road, with a series of Hatha yoga poses incorporating canine companions into the mix.




In Memory of DerbyThis is an example story about Derby dog.


What does the law say about damage caused by dogs?


Our friend Jay Coleman is a practicing attorney and host of the radio show, The Final Verdict.  We asked Jay for the most interesting Dog cases he had seen.  Knowing New Yorkers love of their gardens,we thought this piece would be particularly germane.  Listen in for the surprise ending, it could be helpful to you. [...]


Pup Couture – What’s Hot and What’s Not


According to Dara Foster, founder of New York City based, the preppie look is back for Spring/Summer 2011.  We chatted with Tina Spanevello owner of for her insight into fresh styles and trends for the season in our neck of the woods.. The Rasta collar has been very popular this season featuring the [...]


Abby’s Affirmations – By Suzanne Marshall

Your Source for All Things Dog in Sarasota

Sixty one seconds of zen.   A dog, the sand, the water. A stick, a stone, the life, the joy. Served up from our friend Suzanne Marshall and her four footed muse, Abby. Enjoy, it’s your daily bone.


Dog Vision: Questions and Answers


Recently, our Rover Reporter spoke with  animal opthalmologist, Dr. Noelle McNabb about canine vision in our podcast.    A few questions came in after the broadcast and Dr. McNabb was kind enough to bring some answers. Teri asked:  Do dogs see in color? Dr. McNabb:  Yes, dogs do see in color. The visual spectrum in [...]


Tips and Treats for Summer Dog Travel


The Dog Days of…You Know Summer is nearly here!  It’s time to put your cares aside and start having fun with all your friends.  But what about your “best friend?”  You know who I’m talking about.  Your most faithful companion: Your dog. Traveling With Your Dog: The Basics Taking a day trip with your dog [...]


CPR for your Dog – When seconds matter

If you are a dog lover, pet sitter or involved in the dog community at all. CPR is an essential skill you should add to your tool kit. Quick thinking and CPR may save a dog until you can make it to the emergency clinic or to your veterinarians office. We found this video that [...]


The Daily Bone: Training tip from Jeanine’s Professional Dog Training


Every moment you spend with your dog IS a training moment . . .  your dog watching you is the foundation for everything else. In the canine world,  eye contact translates to control just as in our world it translates to paying attention or even a greeting.   Here’s an easy way to practice working on [...]