March 18, 2018

Adoptable Dog of the Week: Princess

Your adoptable dog of the week, NYC, is a special mix of cute. Check out Princess!


This lovely lady is always excited to greet and see new people. She’s fantastic on the leash and quite a little love bug as she adores  hugs and kisses! She enjoys playing but is also an obedient girl. Princess listens well and knows some basic obedience commands including sit and leave it. This darling girl was rescued from NYACC after she ended up there as a victim of a house fire. She had a brief case of pneumonia but is now healthy, happy, and ready to go to her forever home.


Now 8 months old, Princess is a trusting, gentle soul. Eager to please, she loves kids but prefers to live without cats. She can be picky about other dogs so a proper introduction can be scheduled if you have another canine companion. If you give this 38 pound Princess a little “baby talk”, she may do a little jig for you!


For more information about this lovely dog, contact Pibbles ‘n More Animal Rescue by emailing or visit, where you can also find adoption applications.



  1. Katherine Thweatt says:

    Hello All – I am moving to the Hudson Valley area and will be renting for a year or two before purchasing a home. Does anyone know of pet friendly houses that are for rent. I will be living the the Hudson Valley area so Poughkeepsie. I have four wonderful dachshunds! Any help would be appreciated!

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