November 19, 2019

Breed Profile: Pomeranian

by Lauren R. Tharp

A close relative of the Keeshond, the Pomeranian has been strutting its spunky stuff since the 17th century!  In recent history, Pomeranians have been a favorite pet of several celebrities; including Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Jessica Alba.  And talk about cute!  Boo, the “World’s Cutest Dog,” is also a Pomeranian.  Officially recognized as a legitimate breed by the AKC in 1888, the sweet lil PomPom has been a stellar companion dog for many years, and currently reigns as the 13th most popular breed in the United States.


Physical Traits

Size & Weight:  Very small!  The Pomeranian is a Toy breed and generally measures 5-11 inches at the shoulders and typically weighs 3-7 pounds.

Coat & Color:  This breed comes in every color and all patterns!  However, the most common/popular color is solid orange.  Their fur is a classic double-coat with a plush, thick, undercoat; and a harsher, longer, overcoat.

Other:  I mentioned some modern celebrities earlier, but did you know that Pomeranians were also favored by Queen Victoria, Marie Antoinette, and Mozart?  It’s true!

Life Expectancy:  12-18 years.

Highly intelligent, extremely friendly, and full of “big dog” spirit in a little dog’s body, the Pomeranian is quick to bond, fast to learn, and your certified best friend for life.  Other than their excessive barking (Hey!—It’s a Spitz family tradition!), you’d be hard-pressed to find anything negative to say about the gentle PomPom and their endearingly quirky temperament.



  • Gets along fantastically with children and other pets.  (Though, due to their fragile physique, you’ll need to watch them around younger kids).
  • This breed sports an above-average lifespan.  With love and proper care, you could easily end up with a friend for life!
  • Pomeranians are well-suited to apartment living.  With few exercise needs, their space requirements are minimal.


  • Pomeranians’ double-coated fur requires frequent heavy grooming.
  • Thanks to their loyal bond with their owners, they can suffer anxiety/separation disorders if separated.
  • The barking.  Oh, the barking.  The smallest stimuli can send this breed into a frenzy of yapping unlike any you’ve ever heard—and it can be very hard to get them quiet again!

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